The homestay is designed in an existing load bearing house, and with the aim of going through least modification structurally. The concept of this design is to make the visitors experience the true beauty of rural life style. Therefore, the design reflects the rural architecture with a necessary modifications for ease. The vision for this homestay focuses on the use of space prioritizing the area from where visitors can dive deep into the abyss of exhilirating view offered by Pokhara city. Moreover, the space reflects the idea of “chautari” where people can have a goodtime together. The existing main block is to be programmed with bedrooms that would house atleast 10 people. The another existing wood storage shed is to be transformed into a living and kitchen area with a rustic setup as in the 3D. The design uses locally available materials (thatch, mud plaster, stone, wood) as a key elements to hold the structure in a balanced form with its natural surrounding hence blending with the nature, the structure itself doesn’t dominate the surrounding i.e following the saying of a famous architect Frank Loyd Wright “A structure shouldn’t be on the hill, it should be of the hill”.

Kahun Dada Homestay
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Kahun Dada, Pokhara
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